Doctablet Diabetes Education — Short and Sweet

February 14, 2017 | 0 comments | Author:

I had the honor of partnering up with Doctablet on an awesome Diabetes Education project.

Doctors and patients are concerned about diabetes due to its long term complications. Thankfully, diabetes education has been shown to improve diabetes control. It has also beenn proven to decrease hospitalizations, costs and complications related to diabetes.

However, Diabetes Education can be frustrating for both health care providers and patients — for those of us in the health care field, we refer patients for education and unfortunately very few complete the courses. For patients, trying to find the time and resources to get to the classes prescribed can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are many online resources out there for patients. Sadly, none can replace that valuable face-to-face time with an educator.

Doctablet saw a need in the market to educate people in a more entertaining way. Using short, animated videos Doctablet teaches important lessons through stories and brightly colored analogy.

On behalf of Doctablet, I am proud to introduce the world’s first animated Diabetes Educational resource. These short videos and illustrated articles were designed to extend the physician visit. Consider watching and sharing with patients or family and friends. Doctablet Diabetes is easy to watch and simple to understand!